Nov 14, 2008



  1. Hi aqeel how are you i was looking for liberty burgers which is located near capri cinema lahore and i landed on your blog.. i must say nice work bro really good collection and reviews on various foods.... It was really a mouth watering experience at your blog....

    waqas rafi

    1. Liked your first mention Blog Waqas though the 2nd one I lost my interest...lolz. Actually no Linux and Unix interest....Keep up the good work and well do improve your art and sketching :)

  2. Hi Aqeel -
    I was looking for any good Lahori food forum to join and Google gave me your blog in search. I loved it and oh man your blog just made me to into kitchen and make some spicy omelette right away..lolz. All the best for your blog. Looking forward to have more nice posts from you and also sharing with you some sizzling hot spicy food news...:)
    Hey if you are in Lahore let's meet up sometime and go hangout may be at above mentioned Waqas's place Liberty Burgers. :)