Jun 13, 2008

Khusray ke Kabab

I was as baffled to know the name of this place as you are after reading the title. For those who aren't familiar with the word 'Khusra', it means a transexual. We'll talk about the food in a bit. Let me first share my discomfort for not being able to understand the reason for having such a crude name. I'll have to resort to guesses since nobody could tell me the real reason. Here is one: There was a chap in the waiters forum in his mid-forties (i think), he was wearing a dopatta and walking 'that' walk. He graced us by waiting on our table too. Perhaps it is not them (the management of this dhaba), it is the public that has named the place like this.

Khusray ke kabab dhaba is located at the obscurest possible place in Lahore. At the junction of Mall road and Tufail road in the cantt area, hidden behind a sort-of-skyscraper hotel building. The dhaba is actually a movable cart parked in an open-air parking lot and customer tables on the other side. There is no sign of any sort on the road indicating its presence which means they don't have walk-in customers. It is a living example of the word of mouth marketing.

They make really good chicken tikka and chicken boti - boneless chicken meat cubes on skewers and barbequed (see the picture). Although the real popular item is beef kababs but I think I've had better kababs than theirs. Try Bhayya's kababs if you haven't done that already. The next best item is called chicken piece which is around a quarter of a chicken also barbequed on a flat skewer. Raita and Salad are the typical accompaniments. I wouldn't recommend their Raita though.

Price range: Rs. 75-150
Cleanliness: Below average


  1. Aqeel
    Many thanks for visiting Lahore Nama. I am adding Lahore-menu to my links and will also cross-post..

    great work...

  2. I noted a nice thing in this post. A link google maps. And that appears to be made by you specially :)

    If we continue to add bookmarks like this, That may solve our direction problems.

    By the way, website kab aa rahi he Menu Lahore ki?

    PS: I am hale and healthy now. All tests are normal.

  3. finally some blog about desi food. Thanks!!

  4. hey that shop real name is Baba Jamaal Tikka shop and I love to eat their kebabs. It is my favorite BBQ place

    and you can use google.com/mapmaker and then search Lahore

    and I think your blog is a wonderful idea, how much money are you making on the blog, if any ?

  5. @tabman, thanks a bunch for the real name. Much appreciated.

    This is purely a hobbyist's blog with no commercial intentions. My professional work is already paying me enough :)

  6. Ya, I have been to the place. This used to be in my beat when I was doing MPA back in 2002. But wish I had the same acumn for things as you have. Nice.

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  8. Great to find this post! And awesome that you've made a google map location!

    My experience differs from yours a bit: I found the food, tables and chairs to be quite clean. Since there is not much else there, can't comment on its cleanliness or lack thereof. The dhaba is in a private (?) car park that is empty at night, therefore can't expect it to be spick and span...but there were no open gutters or litter anywhere. All i saw was straw from the desert coolers and a really fat cat :) One can always sit in the car and eat, but I find that it takes away from the experience, especially on a nice night. I prefer to brave it on the plastic table and chairs.

    As for the name of the place, I don't think the owner has anything against it, or the customers for that matter. It is indeed named after the white dupatta wearing owner, who is very much at ease with his transsexualism, as are all his customers i think. Anyway the kababs are finger licking good. I prefer them to Bhaiyyay kay kabab, mostly because of the taste but also for the environment in which you eat them. All in all, it is a very easy atmosphere and an unparalleled experience if you want to get the most out of your bucks in a relaxed atmosphere with courteous waiters who usually bring you free tasties to tide you over till your order arrives :)

  9. oh also, i LOVED their raita. I NEVER put my lips on a glass or bowl even at the cleanliest of restaurants...but I have to admit i could not resist gulping down their yummy raita which was more of a namkeen lassi really, but oh so yummyyyy....

  10. Thanks Maleeha for such detailed comments. Really appreciated.

    The atmosphere is definitely quieter and cleaner than bhaiyya ke kabab, but the uniqueness of bhaiyya's taste is so addictive for me that I feel compelled to go there every other week.

  11. can anyone tell me about the exact location of dis place..??

  12. btw transsexual is not khusra......khusra means unisex!!!!

  13. Thanks, for a food blog abd research...