May 27, 2008

Fazal e Haq - aka Phajjay ke Paye

I know the blog has been idle for some time and it isn't a good thing. Anyway, here I am with another review of Fazl e Haq (nicked as Phajja) chain of restaurants. Now this is truly authentic Lahori taste we are talking about. Not even the neighbouring cities of Lahore have been found to be that keen about Paye (feet) or Siri (heads) of goats. It sounds gross, doesn't it? But then again, this is us .. Lahories .. and you have already read about us eating goat testicles.
Fazl e Haq or Mr. Phajja was perhaps the first person who commercialized the idea by coming up with a Paye specialty restaurant in the Red light district (Taxali gate) named as Phajjay ke Paye. People would (and still) flock to this place every morning and wait in queues to have a breakfast of sticky and rubbery meat of goat feet. The Siri on the other hand is not a breakfast item. A typical Siri meal is accompanied by assortments like Maghaz (brain), Zuban (tongue) and Khad (Jawbone) - everything cooked of course. You eat it with Roti or Kulcha. Another reason for having started his venture in the red light district of Lahore was perhaps the purportedly aphrodisiac nature of these meals. Aphrodisiac or not, they are rich in cholesterol for sure.

Fazl e Haq has now grown into a chain of restaurants covering almost all the major areas of Lahore. This includes Fortress stadium (you can see that in the picture), Gawalmandi, Red light district, Model town, and a few more places that I am not aware of. The new menu includes typical desi food stuff in addition to their specialty.

You must go to the Taxali gate outlet to have the authentic experience. It is very close to the Shahi Mosque. If you think the Siri Paye experience can be risky, you should go to the Fortress stadium outlet.

Price range: Rs. 100-250
Cleanliness: Different at different outlets


  1. haha, goat testicles.... very revealing :)

  2. Khad isn't really jawbone. It's the inside of the cheek, though the gravy the normally served with jawbone.

  3. Nice review, but Fazlehaq is different from Phajja. Phajja is still there in Red light Area.
    Fazle haq also had an outlet near Phajja close to red light area.

  4. nice one...

    just want to add one thing, Curry, what the hell is Curry? this word is a creation of Western world to generalize all Desi food in one category? We should discourage the use of this word in south-asia.

    Only 5 years ago, i never ever even remotely heard a mention of this word in Pakistan and now it's getting popular as if it's "the real word" to describe desi food. shame.

  5. iblees, I totally agree with you. btw, where exactly did you find the word 'curry' in my text?

  6. want to write a case study on fazal haq..will somebody help me..?

  7. @Tabooz: I can help if you would allow me to publish the case study on my blog once it is done. Send me an email if you are in.

  8. Fazl e haq and phajja are totally different... any body going to taxalli gate/red light area can check both outlets and taste the difference...
    Phajja is closer to fort side/alamgiri gate
    Some people might prefer fazlehaq over phajja... but I am personally a big fan of phajja...

  9. can phajja paya be supplied in Karachi
    by courier ??
    rgds Habib