Dec 17, 2007

Butt Karahi

emm .. no, this is not buttocks of an animal in the dish .. thats not what 'butt' karahi means. Butt is a cast in Pakistan and they are famous for their eating habits (lets just say no more). Butt karahi is a restaurant in Lahore. They make chicken and mutton karahi, and man .. they are GOOD at it. Butt karahi is also known for its Takatak - a mix of goat kidney and testicles (yes, testicles!) finely chopped and fried on a tawa with masalah.

I've suddenly realized, this text has become more of an anatomical review of animal privates than the review of the food itself. So, I'll get straight to the taste. Desi chicken karahi tastes excellent. Meat is tender, deeply marinated in the masalah and uniformly cooked. Presented in the original cooking dish (Karahi) and you are free to eat from within the karahi without bothering about the cutlery, plates and other accessories. Thats the whole fun about this place. Interior of the restaurant is rubbish. Tableware is not very fine either but the place still calls for a dine-in visit and will force you to come back sooner or later.

It is located on the main McLeaod Rd. Lakshami crossing in Lahore (Gawalmandi). Two imitates with the same name surround the original butt karahi restaurant. So beware!If you've been there, do leave a comment and let us all know about your experience.

Price range: Rs. 150-250

Cleanliness: Below average


  1. The title is likely to confuse most of the goras ;)

  2. open ur eyes
    the picture is of mutton karahi......

  3. @Anonymous, clearly you have never seen a desi murgh karahi.

  4. the boti in the front (middle) with nulli is certainly mutton......

  5. you have mentioned about the imitation shops. please describe to a new comer how to reach the right place

    1. There is Nirala Butt Karahi and Butt karahi , I guess there is another shop with something Butt in the name. As far as I am concerned almost all taste the same, but if you really wanna taste authentic one then I will suggest PakAsia karahi on the other side of the road.

  6. @Aqeel and here we go I searched the term 'Butt Karahi' on Google and your post on the top. I hope you have not not applied any SEO efforts on the blog but it is still working :)

  7. There is 2 imitates with the namebof nirala butt and new butt beside the real Famous Butt Karahi with a yellow board. The Butt Karahi with Yellow board and Butt written onninnwith red, that restaurent holds the pleasure of being the most famous in desi chicken and mutton karahi cooked in makhan(butter).
    Anyone who love desi and know about lahori food, then he must know about the Butt's Karahi