Nov 5, 2007

Bundu Khan

It is a mouth-watering experience even to write about the Behari kababs of Bundu Khan let alone eating them alongside the spicy tamarind sauce. Beef behari kababs is the best thing Bundu Khan makes and no one beats them (atleast) in Lahore. They are spicy and so tender that they have lost their fibrous meaty identity - which is, for your information, a compliment to the chef in the state of Behar, India. The ideal combination is to have poori parathas with them. Poori parathas are crispy, greasy and rich in LDL cholesterol but tremendously delicious.

Bundu khan offers more than just the kababs and parathas, but everything else on their menu is ordinary and does not deserve a space on my blog. Bundu Khan chain of restaurants has its roots from Karachi and has 4 branches in Lahore. The DHA branch in Lahore (Sector Z, DHA) has the most glassy looks.

They have increased their prices unreasonably in the recent past, while quality is the same. Keeping the price constant could mean a fall in the quality and taste in the future which will be a shame. Despite these negatives, Behari Kababs deserve a try.

Price range: Rs. 250 - 400
Cleanliness: Good


  1. Bundu Khan Sector Z in DHA, Lahore, not Y. :)


  2. Thanks for the correction. Just fixed it.

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  4. u bastard - now i have to look at all that nice food and how do i get it? here far away from culinary heaven? greetings from switzerland

  5. also try out the mutton leg with almonds gravy and lots more... don't really remember the exact name but its quite good.


  7. Buddy,

    You have an amazing way of expressing your love for food and the pictures are just mind blowing. It just so happens that out of all the food in the world my favorite is Indian/Pakistani and out of that food I am sold on Non-veg and within Non-veg the one food that I crave above all else is kababs. There are days when I just get up in the mornings and i want nothing else than to have some huge mouthfuls of juicy meaty succulent kababs..... and so I have kept your page open for two days and was passing a dull Monday in office just looking at these pics and salivating.....

    Anyway, I digress...just to tell you that your blog is probably the best advertisment for Lahore ever :-)(sadly, i really dont think peace between India-Pakistan is possible, but if possible perhaps some day.....) Any case, looking for nalli nahari down south in bangalore now :-)....keep posting.


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