Oct 24, 2007

Salt 'n Pepper, Liberty

Salt 'n pepper (aka SnP) is one of my favorite eating places in the city. More than just the food, I adore the simple and creative name it has.

Located near the Liberty roundabout, Gulberg, it is one of the oldest eating places in Lahore. Offers continental, desi and chinese food. Ever since I have been going there (last 10 years atleast), they've been amazingly consistent about the quality of food and taste. This is a trait, very hard to find in Lahori restaurants.

A lot of people I know are fond of their stuffed chicken breast. They make good Lasagne (not always available) and excellent beef burgers.

Do try their strawberry juice if you happen to go there in the right season. Chicken and Apple salad is juicy and yummy. Occasional introductions of dessert of the month or dish of the month keep breaking the monotony.

No matter when you plan to go there (weekday or a weekend) the place is always full. Despite their recent capacity expansion, they haven't been able to accomodate their increasing fans without making them wait in the lobby on the ground floor. Very strangely, this constant increase in demand hasn't affected their attitude, quality or serving time, which indeed is a commendable thing.

Interior is good and clean but acoustically, it is a bad design. Since the shiny tiled floor is not carpetted, it reflects all the sounds. One can even hear the sound of a spoon drop from across the hall. You can well imagine the cumulative noise produced by 200 people eating, talking and clanking their forks and knives while sitting in the same hall.

Price range: Rs. 200 - 400
Cleanliness: Very good


  1. Nice one!
    8 out of 10 times I go there I eat chicken stake with black pepper sauce.. i miss that taste found no where else any where :P

  2. i have been a regular eater of salt n pepper its simply waawooo i love it da food is delicious ultimate burger da soups da salad range da village is gud well i am residibng out ov country and i amm very sad coz i cannt get da same taste as it i miss it mre than i guess mre than my family i miss salt n pepper hipp horray 4 da food quality i wish if i can get da secert recipe on my id for them.i will very g8 full or if u ppl can refer me 2 any cusine tat taste same as salt n pepper.......in uk
    wat so ever it da bst hme food fun place smoking free bst place 2 chill out with family and frndzz

  3. Salt n Pepper is, in my opinion, one of Lahore's finest restaurants. It is a place where one can go with his family and eat in a fine restaurant with affordable prices.

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    1. http://www.saltnpepper.com.pk/menu.php?id=12

  5. My dadis AGM of salt n peper resturant chain and when ever i go there i usually eat chicken chilly dry bbq pizza and stuff chicken breast these are my favourites and the atmosphere is realy great and there are more good dishes and they are really pak speciality and even the chinese food is so good i hyave visited many restraunts but i have not got that taste in any restraunt and when ever i have gone there it is always full and i wish that insha allah it will be always best wihes to all salt n pepper resturants and its staff and its BOSS.

  6. Whenever i go pakistan i always make sure i go salt and pepper! i love this place - they have the best steaks ever. Unfortunatley in the UK it is very hard to find a halal steak place - i tried one place in london and it was nothin compared to salt and peppers. The food is reasonable priced and they also have a variety . My fellow pakistan cousins prefer pakistanni food so it caters for all. I wish it was closer to where we stay in pakistan!

  7. my favorites there are:

    - stuffed chicken breast with pineapple sauce (served with spinach, fries and coleslaw) - btw the stuffing is of herbs & butter very yummy (and maybe cheese?)

    - chicken nuggets. No one beats SnP's nuggets.

    - Chicken haandi. You'll have to share this one though. And don't be fooled by appearances, the little haandi contains an INSANE amount of food!!! Even the half order! I can't remember a time we've ever been able to finish the half order between four of us! Have never even ordered the full haandi!

    I find their burger's quality to have suffered though, which is a pity.

  8. Their chicken chilli dry is out of this world. The staff at the Mall branch is more acommodating of customer demands though.

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  10. well im a chef in salt n peper in Gulberg brnch if som1 want receipe then simply contact me out on LALMAHEL@YAHOO.COM ;-):-p