Nov 30, 2007

KB Burgers

I have grown up eating KB burgers. It is my childhood association with them more than its fame that is compelling me to write this review. The taste, nonetheless, is fantastically unique and unforgettable. Two fried beef kababs are spread inside the freshly baked long bread topped with sauces of various sorts and a sizzling hot fried egg (or boiled if you choose so). It is finally garnished with finely chopped fresh mint leaves before being capped with the remaining half of the brown surfaced partially fried bread. Above all, everything is done in front of your eyes. An expert chef is skillfully managing the assembly line of a few dozen burgers wearing polythene gloves behind a wall-sized glass window. What a treat!

You can find it on the Poonch road in Samanabad near Choburji. 20 years ago, this used to be a simple roadside dhaba. They have maintained the unique taste even today but changed the outlook entirely. Prices are very affordable. A regular double beef burger costs you around Rs. 44 and you can eat two for a meal. To keep up with the trends, they have included a bunch of continental burgers in the menu as well. That is the ordinary part of their menu and is not something for which you would want to travel a long distance to come all the way to this place. As far as traveling for the beef burgers is concerned, I know a couple of friends who traveled all the way from Ireland and Washington to satisfy the urge. Everyone who has experienced the addiction, please feel free to leave a comment and share your experience.

Price range: Rs. 60 – 120
Cleanliness: Excellent


  1. They are out of this world delicious !!!

  2. sounds like i will have to give these a shot.

    btw, love your 'about me' line. ;-)

  3. Well last time I ate one of these delicious burgers was almost 10 years ago...Now I am in States.....WOW what a treat...moonh main paani a gyaa yaar...would u please upload pics of their refurbished store?

    1. The original owner, the person preparing the burger is passed away (may Allah forgive him and enter to his Jannah), his son (an MBA) is operating the shop with many other items on menu but ... barger with Fried Kabab & Boiled egg are still their speciality.

  4. i went o them last month after a break of 7 long years which i spent eating arabic food which sucks as compared to what we get here in lahore :)

  5. Aqeel good job dude. Can u tell me the exact location for KB burger.

    Looking forward

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments.

    Here are the directions:

    If you start from Samanabad main roundabout and move towards Chouburji, you are on the Poonch road.
    After crossing the Islamia park round about, you have to keep moving for about 250 meters and you will see KB Burgers on your left hand side.

    I have tried to map it on wikimapia, here is the link:

  7. Thanx bro its a big help. Will try out the KB burger now.

  8. I'm amazed to see this article here.KB sure is the best place for beef burgers in lahore. I've never experienced such Taste anywhere else.

    When i was a kid, i used to go to KB with my father. This is their third generation selling Burgers. Name of Guy who's managing these days is Tipu. I've seen his grandfather making burgers, then his Father, now he's taken the seat.
    Best of all, they've started free delivery to nearby places and this made me their regular Customer.
    Here's their number for delivery 0427594021.

  9. Great review, I will be visiting Lahore in Mid-Feb 09, I will make sure that I have KB burgers. It's been 10 years since I had any good Lahori food.
    Great Blog, Keep up the great work.

  10. AoA Aqeel
    i grew up eating KBs burgers as well and i've absolutely no doubt that they're the best in the whole world - i've been to quite a few places as well on the planet. I use to live at the street exactly opposite to that of KBs and although we've moved to a new place about 15KMs from here but still whenever i go there to our ancestral home i make sure that i eat a KB beef burger and bring one for all at home.

    Habib Saqib (Does this name ring a bell, if yes, then write to me at

  11. hey mean great review i ve been eating kb all ma near kb is a blessing indeed even though i have my job in isl now but on weeknds on wotever occasions am back in home i make sure i eat kb every day ..its like an addiction and loved ur review so good to see an amazing place like this being covered
    great job

  12. tried it...they were upto all the comments n review...btw thier kids meal was also very kids luvd it...

  13. Just leaving taste KB's burger. Strange i pass by Choburgi daily and i didn't ever taste them.

  14. Oh Man... I'm a fan of burgers but and shawarmaz we have tried almost all type of burger, shawarmaz and platters but havnt heard of this kinda kabbab burger.... This saturday is KBz saturday.... lets see how it tastes like

  15. i love this burger more then anything else which i have ever tasted, i wishhhh i could have it in other cities of Pakistan and even in other countries.... i miss that burger everyday of my life, whenever i go back to lahore i have it daily although i live an hour drive away from KB, seriously thanks a lot for making this forum atleast writing about it and sharing it with other KB fans have make me feel better

  16. KB Burger is without doubt the best beef burger spot in Pakistan...when i say beef burger, i mean the long Bun beef burgers, as for the round kinds, there are other spots....howver, long Bub beef burger, and even their Club Sandwich, ooo laa laaa....i live in Islamia Park, and KB Burger is two streets down from me, and my friends drive down from all over lahore to come to my place on the weekends to taste their burgers...i have a KB user almost all of my life, and i remember when the founder of KB, Mr. Khuda Baksh Sahaab was alive with one his of his eminent chefs who used to make the burgers behind a glass wall, and hand them out through a wooden box, those times were very nice and i remember the shop being wooden, low light with amazing aromas coming out of it...anyways, i can write a book about K.B as surely we are proud of this establishment and will continue to support it. Everyone please promote and its extremely advisable to have a taste!!! :)

  17. it/s a students food brand.
    outstandind offordable prices.

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