Oct 19, 2007

Bhayya's kababs

These are the best beef kababs you can find in Lahore. Small sized kababs with a rich mouth-watering taste and grainy texture. Unlike others, these are not greasy at all so you can eat as many as you want.

We usually order 1.5 dozen beef kababs per head alongwith tawa parathas and/or khameeri roti. Lemon soda and a tangy thin sauce are the popular accompaniments.

Dhabba style open eating place near the middle of (I guess D block) Model town. One of my favourite places. I have been there a number of times and got addicted to the beef kababs around 10 or 11 years ago. Since then, it has been the same delight without a change in the taste, location or serving style.

A lot of immitations exist in the vicinity but one with the blue banner and a picture of old bearded man is the original and authentic place.

Price range: Rs. 150-250 per head
Cleanliness: below average


  1. hi, im nayab
    im a student of graphic design,
    well since im from lahore so i thought i must say something about the website i came across...
    the colors of the site are really really tasteless!!!
    seriously this is what i thought when i came to know that its about lahore,,,
    u know whenever u come across the word lahore u start daydreaming about the cuisines, the life over there, no tention,,people over there have no tention which u can easily notice the way they talk and the amount of sleep they usually take...
    well the point is,,
    lahori khano ki website shud look like one,,,,
    i hope im cleared uptill now...
    good luck!!!

  2. A review of a good halwa puri place would be appreciated. How about doing one of Capri?

  3. well u should also mention that a raid in the 1990s of bhayyas restaurant brought into light a serious matter. the kitchen had dead dogs lying around.... rings a bell ;)

  4. @north dakota, You are right about that. How could i miss that. There were some mixed opinions about this incident. some said it was a cat and some said it was a dog. whatever it was, it was gross.

    Despite all that, the uniqueness of these kababs just doesn't let you go away.

    @mayya, i will do that, thanks for visiting.

  5. well adeel and everyone all, you can all have a look at this new portal made for only restaurants in Lahore, its called tossdown.com. so go on this ride over the city visiting the eatouts you die for,lolx:)

    and also you can put in your expertise and opinions too, for the benefit of thsi portal as a hub and info centre for the masses!

  6. inflaton - these kebabs are now a whopping rs. 120 per dozen and it takes atleast 3-4 dozen to fill an empty lahori stomach

  7. I've never eaten Bhaiyaa kebab, I always go and eat Siddique kebab, are they any different ?

    There are around 3 shops over there I think, which one is better or is there any difference ?

    But I think you guys will agree these kebabs are not representative of a true BBQ kebab :) It dozen taken around dozens to fill one stomach

    I think this blog is a wonderful idea

  8. i have had these a few times with friends. they're actually really good.

    and you're right, you can eat lots without overwhelming your stomach.

    (btw, we always used to joke it was dog meat!!! and i thought it was just that - a joke! now i know. lols :-D


  9. Well, I'll try not being a mummy-daddy freak but you should understand that your dumb website is open to millions of users and potential tourists for Pakistan. You could have named some really good places such as:

    1. Salt n Pepper Village
    2. Salt n Pepper Grill
    3. Salt n Pepper Golden Lotus
    4. Cafe Zouk
    5. Nando's
    6. Freddy's
    7. Dhaba
    8. Mirchi
    9. Tarka (Defence)
    10. Traditional Tikka (Defence)
    11. Capri
    12. Goga Nakeeba Chanay (Model Town and Garden Town)
    13. Gun Smoke
    14. Lebanese
    15. Cock n Bull
    16. Mall Road - Food Street
    17. Bashir Dar-ul-Mahi
    and the list goes on like it would never end.

    Are you even from Lahore dude? And who told you that Fazl-e-Haq and Phajja are the same chain of restaurants? Fazl-e-Haq is also located next to Phajja in the "Heera Mandi" but they are two entirely different businessed run by two different persons belonging to entirely different thoughts.

    This is why the English team went back to India after such a massive Mumbai bombing but no one wants to come to Pakistan... coz its us people who make it scary for the whole world :) ...

    Live upto some responsibility mere bhai.

    Allah de hawaley.

  10. @Account Verfication, I appreciate you taking out time and writing such a long remark.

    Most of the places in your list are not really special enough for me to be reviewed on my blog. A few of them, such as: Mirchi, Capri, Labanese, Nakeeba Chanay and Bashir are really good places and I already plan to write about those but it will take its time.

    And your conclusion that my blog is making Lahore look scary, is too ridiculous to be even replied to.

    I hope you had chosen to reveal your identity .. I won't eat you :)

  11. how about goga chanay wala and fazal haq pavay, and many more places in lahore that you dont know. But the places you entered in this blog are also very famous. Overall nice blog.