Oct 23, 2007

Ashiq's Channay and Haleem

Now that was a tasteless disappointment. Ashiq's channay is a well known desi food spot located in the main Sadar bazar inside Lahore cantonment. Known for its channa (chickpeas) curry and haleem (mixed pulses curry), Ashiq's restaurant offered us a blank tasting lunch yesterday.

We ordered an assortment of the dishes available in the menu, which was verbally announced to us @ 72 words per minute by a rude waiter. Service was quick, since they didn't have to prepare anything, and the next minute we were looking at the food in front of us. It was not bad looking at all and the first visual perception did boost our appetite to some extent. However, the moment I started eating it, I had to struggle for determining the presence of a flavour in my channa curry with boiled egg. Egg was the same but the rest of the stuff was unclassifiable by my tounge alone. I finished it anyway and ordered a plate of Haleem in the hope of some light. It turned out to be an equally pointless exercise.

If you are a taste freak or have an obsession for hygiene, don't even think about going there. In case you have recently acquired a craze for trying out the true lahori channay or haleem, believe me, there are better places to go in the city.

Price range: Rs. 20-50 per head
Cleanliness: Far below average


  1. nakeebia's channay, b-block market model town. best for 'choulay in lahore'

  2. Food from that place used to have its own unique taste, but that was a couple of decades ago. The restaurant was probably passed down to the next generation and their secret recipes were probably lost somewhere. (I live pretty close to this shop)
    If you are actively going out to try out food to review, see if you can find this other channa shop in Raja Center, near the mosque - We used to walk there from FC college every week.

    Nice blog that you have here, btw.

  3. nice blog. keep it up. i have read all the reviews. reminds me of my home city. i m missing lahore again

  4. man u seems thankless, unreasonable, and irresponsible eater. why your expectations are circling around specific restaurant. take it easy and go to next shop and enjoy different food. low spiced food is the best if fresh !!

  5. @Anonymous, that was (not even) funny.

  6. Butt Sb, Link Model Town. just next to Bata Store. WOW Best i have ever tasted second option is Ghulam Rasool, Neela Gumbad. finger licking good.

  7. well guys after reading your channa epert comments let me tell you another place i discovered it. If any buddy visit NCA Hostel there is a road going opposite to it there is a guy named Tariq he cook damn good channas you guys will regret if you missed that channa spot also famous as TARIQ DE CHANNAY

  8. yammi lahori food fumes all our wold i love it ....
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